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Full-Time Nanny in East Grand Rapids (35 Hours/Week)

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Start Date

August 2024

  • Monday through Friday
  • 7am-2pm or 8am-3pm depending on parents’ work schedules
  • Occasional 7am-5pm need with 1 month advance notice
  • 35 Guaranteed Hours per week

$22-26/hour depending on ideal candidate’s experience & education


2.5-Year-Old Girl

3-Month-Old Boy

Michigan Nanny Solutions is now interviewing for the following position:

A loving family in East Grand Rapids is seeking a Full-Time Nanny for 35 hours per week!

Hospital-Based Physician Parents are looking to hire an experienced, Professional Career Nanny with extensive experience working with infants and toddlers to provide top-notch loving care and consistent learning and development to their two children, a 2.5-year-old girl and 3-month-old boy, for the next several years.  The Family is saying goodbye to their beloved first nanny as they leave to start their own family and are hoping to welcome their new nanny to their family by the end of August!

Nanny will work every Monday through Friday from 7am-2pm or 8am-3pm (depending on Parents’ work schedules) for a guaranteed 35 hours per week.  Because of the Parents’ varying work and on-call schedules at the hospital, there will be occasional days each month that the Nanny will be scheduled in advance to work 7am-5pm.  To help with advanced planning, Nanny will always know their schedule for the following month(s) at least one month in advance, and Nanny and the mother can work together to ensure that any of mom’s work shifts that necessitate a longer workday for the Nanny are as convenient as possible.  Nanny will be paid a guaranteed 35 hours per week, even if they work fewer, and will be paid for every hour they work above 35 hours in a week.  Overtime, though rare, will be paid for every hour worked over 40 in a week.

The Nanny’s primary responsibility is to care for the emotional, social, developmental, and educational needs of the toddler girl and infant boy.  Nanny should be engaging and attentive and able to meet the daily needs of both children while also seeking opportunities to enrich their lives with intentional playtime and activities inside and outside the home.  The Nanny will be expected to engage with the children by teaching-through-play, including daily reading time and outside play time, and planning gross and fine motor skills activities and sensory activities.  A weekly theme-based curriculum is provided by Michigan Nanny Solutions to help meet this expectation!  Parents would love for Nanny to seek out opportunities to influence their children’s social development through classes, play groups, story times, outings with other nannies, etc.

The toddler girl is currently in her Frozen Era with frequent daily performances of her favorite songs, is animal-obsessed, and loves learning new things, especially from Ms. Rachel.  She is working on big toddler projects right now, including learning her letters and numbers, recognizing and understanding her emotions, and potty-training, too!  The infant boy is a recent addition to the family, but he is a generally happy baby who adores his people (especially big sister!), and the parents credit his daily tummy time regimen for making him a surprisingly strong little buddy already!  Parents are loving this season of having their hands busy and hearts full, but also know how demanding the days can be, so they hope to hire a Nanny who has past experience caring for an infant and a toddler at the same time.

The Nanny will be responsible for light child-related housekeeping, including: doing the both children’s laundry, washing dishes used by Nanny and the children, washing bottles and pump parts, sanitizing and organizing toys, tidying and maintaining organization in the nursery, toddler’s room and play spaces, wiping down the high chair and cleaning up after meals as needed, and tidying up after indoor and outdoor playtime and craft or learning activities.

The Family has one large dog who is low-maintenance and will only require the occasional let-out into the backyard, and a very social cat who needs nothing from the nanny except the occasional pets. Nanny should be comfortable having the family’s furry child around during their workdays & be willing to give them love and attention, too!

The ideal Nanny for this family is a professional career-minded Nanny who is highly reliable, punctual, responsible, and flexible, who can offer a high level of work ethic as well as grace and understanding for physicians who work demanding jobs with very limited flexibility.  As a career caregiver, they have a deeply ingrained passion for working with children and find deep fulfillment in investing in the children in their care, making sure they feel seen, understood, and loved and keeping them safe, healthy, and engaged.  They are skilled at multi-tasking to meet the needs of two children of different age levels at once and have a collaborative approach to sharing ideas and feedback with the parents about the children’s development and needs as they change.  Above all else, the family’s ideal Nanny is a maternal and loving caregiver who will quickly become an important part of the family, a valued member of the parenting team, and who will love, care for, and take pride in the children in their care as if they were their own.  Preference will be given to candidates who have coursework or a degree in education, child development, or family studies, and the Family would love to hire a Nanny who has long-term experience supporting families as a Full-Time Nanny.

This position requires a long-term commitment to the family, and preference will be given to the candidate who is willing to stay for 3+ years.  A minimum of 1 year commitment is required.  Pay will start at $22-$26 per hour and Nanny will have guaranteed pay, paid time off, paid holidays, paid sick days, mileage reimbursement, and other standard nanny benefits.   Details will be discussed with qualified nannies at an in-person interview.

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Are you the right candidate?
  • Will have AT LEAST three years of part- or full-time nanny experience, or at least three years in a daycare or classroom setting, from age 18 forward. Preference will be given to candidates who have at least two years of professional nanny experience.
  • Will have AT LEAST one year of proven childcare experience with infants, will know how to interact with the infant to support learning and encourage his development, and will be able to use their knowledge and experiences to be a support and valuable resource for the parents.
  • Will have their own reliable transportation, a valid driver’s license, and a clean driving record.
  • Must be at least 21 years of age and legal to work in the USA.
  • Must pass a thorough background check and drug test before starting the position.
  • Must have current CPR/First aid certification or agree to complete a class within 90 days of start-date.
  • Must have the most recent 2023/24  flu shot, and a recent TDaP vaccine or booster (within past 5 years) or be willing to get both before their start date, and must be willing to get  a flu shot annually (parents will pay for any immunizations.)

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