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Full-Time Nanny/Family Assistant in East Grand Rapids

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Start Date

Monday, January 8, 2024

  • Monday-Friday: 6:30 or 7:30a to late morning/early afternoon
  • 2-3x’s week:  4-6pm
  • 30 Guaranteed Hours

$22-26/hour depending on ideal candidate’s experience & education


3-year-old Girl

4-month-old Boy

Michigan Nanny Solutions is now interviewing for the following position:

A Dual Physician Household in East Grand Rapids is seeking a Nanny/Full-Time Family Assistant for 30 hours per week!

As hospital-based physicians, these busy Professional Parents are looking to hire an experienced, professional, and self-motivated Nanny/Family Assistant to manage tasks around their home and provide limited daily childcare for their two children who attend daycare full-time, a 3-year-old Girl, and 4-month-old Baby Boy.  The Family will soon be saying good-bye to the amazing Nanny/Family Assistant they’ve worked with for the past two years as she leaves to nanny for her own grandchild, and the Family’s new Nanny/Family Assistant will ideally start on Monday, January 8th, 2024.  The Family hopes their new Nanny/Family Assistant will be an integral part of their family’s success for many years to come (potentially 10+!)

The Nanny/Family Assistant will work a typical schedule of 6:30 or 7:30am to late morning/early afternoon (end time dependent on task completion) every Monday through Friday, with 2-3x’s per week pre-scheduled daycare pickup in the late afternoon, and the Family will guarantee a minimum of 30 hours of pay per week, even if fewer hours are worked.  If Nanny/Family Assistant works over 30 hours in a week, they will be paid for every hour worked, including overtime if they work over 40 hours.

With the Family’s two children attending daycare full-time, the Nanny/Family Assistant’s primary role will be to manage the completion of household tasks during the hours the children are at daycare.  Day-to-day tasks will include family laundry, light housekeeping (dishes, tidying, sweeping/vacuuming if needed between visits from house cleaners, etc),, family meal preparation (weekly recipes and ingredients delivered by a meal subscription service), maintaining organization in the children’s rooms and play spaces, maintaining supplies and organization in the fridge, pantry, and other household spaces, grocery shopping, running errands, walking the family’s dog daily, and other household tasks that will help ensure the proper ongoing functioning of the household and help the Parents maximize quality time with their children at the end of their demanding work days.   The Nanny/Family Assistant will take ownership of their tasks and will be empowered to plan their days and weeks accordingly to ensure tasks are completed, with limited daily or ongoing oversight from the Parents.

The Nanny/Family Assistant’s secondary role is to provide childcare and transportation for the family’s Toddler and Baby.  Each morning upon arrival, they will help get the children ready, provide breakfast, and transport the children to daycare by 9am.   They will then return to the home to complete the day’s household tasks, and will be able to leave work when their day’s tasks are completed.  The Family anticipates that the Nanny/Family Assistant will average 20 hours actually worked per week but will ask that the Nanny/Family Assistant remain available in the afternoons in case children need to be picked up from daycare for illness or emergency.  An average of 2x’s per week when Parent’s work/on-call schedule requires them both to work late, Nanny/Family Assistant will be asked to pick the children up from daycare between 4-5pm and stay with them until the first parent arrives home from work, usually by 5:30-6pm.  These days are known in advance so Nanny/Family Assistant can plan ahead.  Childcare will also be needed when a child is ill or during daycare closures.  To help ensure this availability for working more hours when needed, the Parents are guaranteeing 30 hours of pay each week, and will pay hourly, including overtime, on the rare weeks the Nanny/Family Assistant works more than the guaranteed 30 hours.

The Family has one dog, a friendly black lab, who adores her family almost as much as they adore her!  The Nanny/Family Assistant will be asked to feed her lunch before leaving each day, and the Family would love if the Nanny/Family Assistant was willing to take their furry child on a 45-60 minute walk daily as part of their daily routine.  This request can be negotiable for an otherwise well-qualified candidate who would prefer not to do daily dog walks, but the Family hopes their new Nanny/Family Assistant loves her as much as they do and will at least be excited to give her daily snuggles and attention!

The family’s ideal Nanny/Family Assistant is a self-motivated, well-organized, and high-achieving individual who enjoys maintaining peace, order, and organization in their own home and has a natural tendency to know what needs to be done and how to take action to accomplish it without instruction or oversight.  They will ideally have past professional work experience as a Nanny, Family Assistant, or Household Manager, will pride themselves on their work history of exceeding expectations to meet the needs of past long-term families, and will bring a helpful “How else can I make a difference?” approach to their daily job duties.  They will take over the daily and weekly routines of the family with ease, maintain ongoing order and organization in the home, and help ensure that each family member’s needs are anticipated and met.  They will be highly dependable, flexible, and trustworthy, as they will quickly become a key part of the parenting team and an integral part of the family’s ongoing success.  They will be a direct and confident communicator, keeping open, honest lines of communication with the parents in all things related to the children and the position. The Parents hope their new Nanny/Family Assistant will be part of their family for many years to come, and they look forward to having their expertise and assistance as the children grow and their schedules and needs change!

The ideal Nanny/Family Assistant will have at least 3 years of professional childcare experience as well as professional experience working as a Family Assistant or Household Manager, or personal experience as a parent who has excelled at balancing the care of their children with care of their home.  The family is willing to consider someone without specific Family Assistant/parent experience if they have a personal or work history of being motivated, accomplishing tasks quickly and efficiently, and needing very little day-to-day input to get work done.  Three years of professional childcare experience as a nanny, daycare employee, or teacher is required.

This position requires a long-term commitment to the family, and preference will be given to the candidate who is willing to stay for more than 5 years.  A minimum of 1 year commitment is required.  Pay will start at $22-26 per hour.  Other industry-standard benefits such as guaranteed pay, paid time off, paid sick time, paid holidays, and mileage reimbursement will be discussed at an in-person interview for those qualified for the position.

Family’s Vaccination Requirements

Due to working with high-risk patients and having young children at home, the Parents are requiring that all candidates considered must meet the following vaccination requirements:

  • Must have already received full COVID vaccination (first two doses)
  • Must agree to get up-to-date on COVID boosters if not already done
  • Must have this year’s flu shot before starting
  • Must be up to date on the TDaP vaccination
  • Must be willing to get ongoing COVID boosters as recommended and a flu shot annually (parents will pay for any immunizations.)


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  • Will have AT LEAST three years of part- or full-time nanny experience, or at least three years in a daycare or classroom setting, from age 18 forward.
  • Will have Household Manager and/or Family Assistant experience, or experience raising children of one’s own.  Sorry, your own child(ren) are not able to come with you for this position!
  • Will have their own reliable transportation, a valid driver’s license, and a clean driving record.
  • Must be at least 21 years of age and legal to work in the USA.
  • Must pass a thorough background check and 4-panel drug test before starting the position.
  • Must have current CPR/First aid certification or agree to complete a class within 90 days of start-date.
  • Must already have the COVID vaccination, this year’s flu shot, be up-to-date on TDap vaccine, and must be willing to get ongoing COVID boosters as recommended by the CDC and a flu shot annually (parents will pay for any immunizations.)

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